Winn Dixie Couponing Policy and Information - Winn Dixie coupon policy

Winn Dixie Couponing Policy and Information

Winn Dixie Couponing Policy and Information

Winn Dixie Couponing Policy and Information Page

If you’re new to couponing at this store or just need a general reference point for a Winn Dixie couponing policy and information, here are the basics. You can also review the weekly Winn Dixie ad and coupon matchups to help with your shopping list and savings. Winn Dixie ads run from Wednesday through Tuesday

General Coupon Acceptance Guidelines ~ Online Winn Dixie Couponing Policy and Information

Below is the Winn Dixie Couponing Policy as it is posted online. Please note that the most recent changes involve the stacking of coupons. They will accept competitor coupons (check with individual store for which competitors) but they will now only accept one coupon for each item. That means either competitor coupon, store coupon, or manufacturer.

Rule list

  • Store Management has the right to accept, decline, or limit the quantity of coupons and or items purchased in a single transaction. or in a single day, by a single household.
  • Winn-Dixie now limits the redemption to (1) one coupon per item, those coupons can be manufacturer coupon, electronic coupon, or Winn-Dixie coupon.
  • You can redeem a limit of (5) five of the same coupons for the same items in the same day per household. For example, if you have six of the same coupon and have purchased six items, we will only accept five of the coupons.
  • You must abide by all restrictions on the coupon. Acceptance is subject to any restrictions or purchase stipulations printed on the coupon. Winn-Dixie will only accept original manufacturer coupons, Winn-Dixie coupons, valid internet coupons, and authorized competitor coupons. The only coupons accepted on mobile devices are rewards points coupons. Rewards points coupons will not be accepted on a mobile device at Self Check Out lanes. No reproductions or altered coupons will be accepted.
  • You can’t use any type of coupon for Winn-Dixie  “Meal Deal” or “What a Deal” free items.
  • The total coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item. No cash back will be given nor will cash back be applied to other purchases.
  • All internet coupons must have a scannable barcode.
  • Coupons may only be used on in stock items.

Winn-Dixie Dollars Off Coupons

  • You can only redeem a limit of (1) one Winn-Dixie coupon per household, per day for “dollars off” an entire transaction.
  • When using a “dollars off” coupon, the transaction total is determined by the net total of the order after all other coupons and reward card discounts have been taken.

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