Wild Argentine Red Shrimp Sale ~ Order today for 20% price drop!

Wild Argentine Red Shrimp Sale ~ Order today for 20% price drop!

Sadly, Zaycon has suspended orders at this time. We are hoping that they overcome the difficulties they have faced and will be back to normal soon. We’ll keep you updated.

Shrimp SaleZaycon Shrimp Sale with CODE

Zaycon has issued a discount code for the Wild Argentine Red Shrimp sale event! Order today for the sale even on their jumbo shrimp case! It’s regularly $159.80 per 20/lb case, but with the code at checkout it drops to $127.84. That’s $6.39 per pound for jumbo shrimp instead of the regular price of $7.99…. an awesome shrimp sale discount of $1.60/lb when you enter code NOTFARMED at checkout! If you decide to stock up, check out our super easy Shrimp Boil in Foil Packets Recipe. You can come up with unlimited variation to make it unique every time!

Wild Argentine Red Jumbo Shrimp (reg $7.99) Sale  Use code NOTFARMED at checkout for 20% off ($6.39/lb) Exp 4/23

How do you get this 20% off Shrimp Sale??

  • Create a free account and check out the Events calendar, enter your zip code to see sale events pickup areas nearest you. (usually in church parking lots.)
  • Order by the case and stock up on great quality meat at very good prices, and be sure to enter the discount code at checkout when you have one!
  • On the scheduled pick up day, bring your receipt confirmation to your pick up spot.
  • You’ll see the huge Zaycon refrigerated truckZaycon Sale on Shrimp
  • They will even load your case(s) into your car! No need to get out!

and make sure to use the code below at checkout.  (be sure to checkout other Zaycon deals we’ve posted)


At checkout, if you are ordering the Wild Argentine Red Jumbo Shrimp,  the code NOTFARMED will drop the price from $7.99/LB down to an awesome $6.39/lb.

Shrimp Sale

Order NOW with code NOTFARMED

Details for the Wild Argentine Red Shrimp Sale
reg $7.99/lb ($159.80 per 20 lb case), just $6.39/lb ($127.84 per 20 lb case) with code NOTFARMED

  • Discover the scrumptious taste difference of wild-caught shrimp from the icy waters of the South Atlantic.
  • Rich and flavorful, a delicious upgrade from bland, farm-raised grocery store varieties.
  • This distinctive Argentine Red variety is known for its succulent, sweet, lobster-like taste.
  • Beautiful reddish hue when raw and cooks to a bright white with brilliant red highlights.
  • Kitchen ready! Shrimp are cleaned, peeled, deveined, tail-on, and individually frozen after catch.
  • Greatly enhances the taste of your favorite seafood dishes—high in protein, low in fat.
  • Delivered frozen by the 20lb case, with 21-25 raw shrimp per pound (considered jumbo size) and best quality results if used within 1 year frozen from delivery.
  • Each case contains ten 2lb dinner-sized frozen packages.

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You’ll quickly discover the famous Zaycon difference: choosing the right farms, eliminating the “middle man” We save on fresh meat by ordering a lot of their products since we don’t really get coupons for many of these. When we do get some kind of coupons, the quality is not what we’re use to from Zaycon. We are regular customers of the bacon, chicken breasts, lean ground beef, and tenderloins but have also been known to get some shrimp, sausage and porkchops. We have never been disappointed