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Whole Foods Trip 10/27/12 – 95% saved

 Whole Foods Savings of 95% on 10/27/12 with more free cereal and cheap Sambazon!

Whole Foods is starting to become a regular stop for us.  We don’t buy a lot there but we have been trying to cash in on the great deals with the coupons that are out there.  Our donation box has been stocked with a lot of free cereal lately!

We were also hoping to get the Sambazon for free but our Whole Foods did not have them priced at $2.00 like we were hoping but I’d say $0.39 is still a great price for these!

We ended up with a $1.50 total for the purchased items and were pleasantly surprised at the $0.10 per bag discount we received for using two of our own shopping bags. That dropped it to $1.30 for $23.90 worth of items.  We have forgotten our shopping bags the last couple trips so this was our first time getting the reusable bag discount. What a great idea!


Here’s what we bought…

$23.90 retail for $1.30

that’s 95% savings

Whole Foods


6 Arrowhead Mills Puffed Cereal @ $1.99

$11.94 less $12.00 in coupons = FREE


4 Sambazon 10.5 oz juice (reg $2.99) @ $2.39

$11.96 less $2.40 store sale less $8.00 in coupons = $1.56 (or $0.39 each)



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