Whole Foods Trip 10/21/12 - FREE | The Couponing Couple

Whole Foods Trip 10/21/12 – FREE

Whole Foods Shopping trip on Sunday = Free milk and Cereal!

We don’t usually do much shopping at Whole Foods but couldn’t resist picking up these great FREEBIES!  These are not items that we would typically use ourselves but they will be a great addition to The Donation Box !


If you have a Whole Foods store near you but these are not something you would typically buy for your household, you can still pick these up for the upcoming holiday food drives.  I’d be willing to bet you have some sort of food drive going on at work, church, or in your child’s school and these would be a perfect addition!


 Here’s what we got…


  $20 worth of groceries for FREE

Whole Foods


8 Westsoy non dairy milk @ $1.99 

All for Free!

2 ArrowMills Puffed Cereal @ $1.99

  All for Free!


Did you do this deal or find some other great Whole Foods deals?  Tell us about it in the comments!