What is the Target Cartwheel and How Does It Work?

What is the Target Cartwheel and How Does It Work?

What is the Target Cartwheel and How Does It Work

It’s great that there are so many money saving opportunities, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all.  This is just one of those tools and, although it’s really pretty simple, there are so many different terms and tools that it can get confusing.  We’re often asked What IS the Target Cartwheel and how does it work. In response, we’ve created this page with some of the basic information and how to use this to save more money.  You can always reference the Cartwheel Help Center as well for some answers to FAQ’s. We also have a page with all the Cartwheel current offers list that updates in real time.

What is Cartwheel?

Cartwheel is a program that offers from 5% to 50% off certain items when you shop in store at Target. You can select offers and use the % off discount at Target in addition to stacking a manufacturer coupon, a Target store coupon, your Target Redcard discount, and then any rebate offers too! Combine the Target Cartwheel discount with any or all of these other savings and cash back offers and end up with great savings or even potential moneymakers!

Note: Per Target policy, Cartwheels are not intended to further reduce an item that you price matched with another store. It says you can use CW when price matching but is a bit deceiving because it allows you to use it before the price match. If the item is still cheaper at another store after applying a Target coupon and/or Cartwheel, then you will get the price match price. In other words, no you are not supposed to use it to further reduce a price matched price. That’s not to say it has not happened, but we do urge you to follow their policy.

How Does Cartwheel Work?

Target Cartwheel can be used thru the Target app on your smart phone or you can simply select offers after signing into your Facebook account, Google+, or your Target.com account on the Cartwheel website from your mobile browser or desktop computer. After searching for and selecting offers you think you might want, simply go to “my Cartwheel” to get to your discount bar code on your phone for the cashier to scan. (This is not for online shopping) If you aren’t using the app on your phone, then click on the “barcode” picture at the top of your Cartwheel account on your computer and then click the “print barcode” button and you’ll get a printout of the barcode that the cashier can scan. When the barcode is scanned, you will receive your discount for all items on your list that you satisfied with a purchase (up to 4 items per cartwheel offer in one transaction). Your personal barcode never changes, so no need to print it out every time. Trim and/or laminate and keep it in your wallet or keychain  and you’ll always have it.

Note: We urge you to check out Cartwheel in both the Target app and the Cartwheel via web browser. Sometimes there are “hidden” deals that you can see on the web that you may not see on your app. Also, with the app, you can use the free wi-fi and scan items in the store to check for an offer!

How is the Cartwheel Discount Calculated?
The Cartwheel barcode should be scanned after all items have been rung up and all other coupons have been used. The % discount will then calculate on all qualifying purchase totals less any Target store coupon (paper or mobile) that has been used.  In other words, the calculation is based on the price after store coupons but before manufacturer coupon discounts. (The exception to this is a Target store coupon for a percent off which will not be considered for the cw calculation.)

Example Calculation:

Purchase two qualifying items for $6.00 each = $12

Let’s say you use 2 manufacturer coupons for $2 each, a Target coupon for $2/2 and a Cartwheel offer for 30% off.  The Cartwheel will deduct $3.00 at the end of the transaction (30% x ($12 – $2 Target coupon)). Your final price would be $3.00 for both items! 

$12 purchase – $4 manufacturer coupons – $2 Target store coupon – $3.00 Cartwheel discount (as calculated above) = $3

NOTE: It makes no difference on the order you give them to the cashier. You cannot get a higher discount by scanning the CW before the Target coupon. It is programed to do the calculation at the end and will deduct the store coupon prior to calculating the % off.

How many times can a Cartwheel offer be used?
You can use the same discounts over as many times as you like until they expire. There is a daily limit of 6 barcode scans.  This is not an item limit.  You may received all discounts on your Cartwheel list 6 times per day and you can do that daily until the offers expire.  The offers will drop off your list of active offers on your phone or online when they have expired or if you remove it.

Per transaction, there can only be one barcode scan, but each offer can be used on up to 4 qualifying items per offer per transaction (unless the offer specifies otherwise).  So, you can buy 4 qualifying items of each offer per transaction, 6 times per day (6 scans), everyday until the offer expires if you wanted to.

Note: Be sure to read the details of each offer. (Click details on your computer or click the dots for more info on your app) Although the above rules apply to most of the offers, they do have offers that have limits such as limit one. This is an overall limit for this item per account, so it will not apply to 4 items per transaction or 6 times per day as stated above.

How many Cartwheel offers can be on a barcode list at one time?
What is the Target Cartwheel and How Does It Work

New users will start with 10 available slots to add offers. Additional slots are earned by unlocking Cartwheel badges for accomplishments such as your first discount or saving increments you’ve achieved. You will gain more slots, the more you use it. Don’t worry about not having enough though, because you can add and remove as you wish while the offer is still valid. If you’re not buying the shoes today and need a slot for the peanut butter, then remove the shoes, add the peanut butter, and then add back the shoes when you are done!

Be sure to check the Cartwheel by Target HELP CENTER for additional questions you might have