What Is Shopmium and How Does It Work? ~ Another Cash Back APP (Ends 6/4/17)

What Is Shopmium

Just What IS Shopmium? Here’s The Answer!
Update: Program Ends 6/4/17

You may have seen Shopium listed in the matchup lists and wondered “Just what IS Shopmium?”. It’s another free and super easy cash back app, similar to ibotta and checkout 51 (if you’re familiar with those). I love these cash rebate apps! Since we can still use coupons at the time of purchasing the products, these cash back offers are just icing on the cake! Sometimes the offers on the  different cash back apps even overlap with one another so it’s possible to get cash rebates from more than one app for the same item.

What Is Shopmium

There’s not much to getting started with Shopmium:

  • Create a Shopmium account. We’d love for you to use referral code GHEGUFPT if you want. That’s our code! Look for a  free Lindt chocolate bar when you use the code! (We received a message on our account about that freebie)
  • Download the Shopmium app to your smart phone.
  • Choose an offer and find that item in any store you shop in
  • Buy the product and keep your receipt
  • Scan the barcode and take a picture of your receipt
  • Receive your rebate via Paypal or transfer to your bank account

What Is Shopmium

There are a few things we want to point out about this app.

  • It’s much easier if you purchase the items in small transactions so you don’t need to take multiple pictures of a long receipt.
  • The cash credit you receive does take a little longer than the other apps, sometimes taking up to 48 hours.
  • As mentioned above, the paypal option is the only payment method available in the U.S. at this time. Shopmium is working to make improvements, so hopefully the bank transfer will be an option soon.
  • The offers are not always exactly the same for everyone.

Error, group does not exist! Check your syntax! (ID: 52)So the answer to the What is Shopmium question is pretty simple. It’s another easy way to earn a little extra cash back on some items that you may buy. There’s not much to it. There are some Shopmium FAQ’s that may be helpful if you have some specific questions, but if you can work your phone then you can work this app! We’d love for you to use our referral code GHEGUFPT so they know you learned about them from The Couponing Couple! 

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