Weekly Brag Blog - 8/23/12

Weekly Brag Blog – 8/23/12


 Here’s how we did… how did you do?

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All week I insisted that we make a Thursday night trip to Publix for the first day of the ad and I was adamant about getting that Publix TP for a penny!   (oh.. c’mon.. I know some of you get excited about almost free TP too, admit it! ) The plan sounded good until Thursday actually arrived and we rushed home from work for a brief check in with the boys and then arrived at the school for an almost 3 hour Curriculum/PTA night event.  By the time we got home is was a VERY full day and we were exhausted.  Like the trooper he is, Tommy waited for the double check of the list and coupons and off he went to Publix at 9 pm to get my EXTREMELY IMPORTANT toilet paper while I tucked in our little guy!


There were a lot of good deal opportunities this week but it’s been one of those weeks where many of the coupons were either not in my particular paper inserts, I couldn’t find the store coupon booklet in my area, the shelf was empty or I had already used my coupon in prior sales.  All couponers have known a week or two like that and this was definitely one of those for us!   Not that I’m complaining… the savings were still pretty awesome for lots of high dollar items and my house will smell wonderful for a while with all the air freshener!

Hopefully y’all had tons of luck (and fun) shopping with some great matchups!!

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Here’s what we got…

  $207.88 worth for $51.60 for a 75% Savings

Publix Trip 8/23/12


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