Weekly Brag Blog 11/29/12 with Link Ups! Publix Trip | TCC

Weekly Brag Blog 11/29/12 with Link Ups!


Here’s how we did… how did you do?

(p ost your shopping successes at the bottom of the page in the comments or LiNkY )

There wasn’t a lot that jumped out at me on this weeks Publix matchups  that I just had to have for my Publix shopping list this week but it may have just been my mood.  I did have some fun with the previous Publix trip  (we saved 99% WooHoo) but I just couldn’t get into this one.

Dribble I don’t know about everyone else but I felt a little shopped out after the holiday grocery shopping and post holiday sales so I just couldn’t get excited about this weeks list.  We still somehow managed to put a pretty good list together for 89% savings off the retail prices, but it was a chore.   Is anyone else suffering from shopping burnout?  

I did get slightly excited over the bagels which we needed for a companion to the lonely cream cheese sitting in our fridge since the great Philadelphia sale. Tommy had enough energy to search for the penny item coupon in the paper or I may have completely left off the bleach. (Shhh…Shame on me for thinking about passing up a free item out of laziness! hehe)  That’s one very big benefit of being a couponing “couple”.  We definitely keep each other on track and make up for each other’s weaknesses and moodswings! (Yes, I know ladies… I am very lucky!)  He’s getting me coffee as I type this ( aww he’s so sweet ) so I don’t get up myself and get sidetracked with cleaning something! (and  he’s smart too)

We also took this Publix sale as an opportunity to purchase a couple new things to try.  The BelVita biscuits look really good.  I’m a little skeptical about the meatless meat/ Gardein Beefless Tips though.  We’ll see how that goes!


Oh… one more thing… YAY for the GAS CARD!!  That one I did get excited over! We didn’t include it in our calculation but who doesn’t like a 20% discount on something you have to buy anyway?!!


Here’s what we got….


$102.64 worth of groceries at Publix for $11.57!!

That’s almost 89% savings!

Publix shopping

Click on the picture to get a better view!



It’s hard to believe that November is over and December is already here! The one great thing about the beginning of the Month is that we get a lot of NEW PRINTABLE COUPONS . I woke up this morning to find there were already 40 new printable coupons. The week’s addition of Tommy’s Printable Coupon Roundup  is all about the NEW PRINTABLE COUPONS . I have put together a list of all these coupons for you!

Tommys Printable Coupon List

Tommy’s Printable Coupon Roundup Dec 1-40 NEW Printables

Tommy’s Friday Printable Coupon Roundup-New Coupons Just Released  

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