Weekly Brag Blog 11/15/12 with Link Ups! | The Couponing Couple

Weekly Brag Blog 11/15/12 with Link Ups!


Here’s how we did… how did you do?

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Our Publix savings was pretty good this week!

The pineapple coupon had reset so more fresh pineapple plus a great deal of evaporated milk since both grandma’s are visiting and there may be some baking  going on in our kitchen.   And to top it off, our Publix customer service said they had no problem taking the store coupon for the Pam even though it had expired the day before.  Many Publix will take expired coupons within a couple days of the expiration date so it can’t hurt to check at your store!

 Unfortunately, I had only printed 1 of the Lindsay olive coupons before that one disappeared but at least I got one free can! (This is me practicing my “full glass” attitude! Laughing )

I did remember to take advantage of the vitamin moneymaker opportunity before the Green advantage sale ended  plus a couple more small money makers with the Sunbird and Kikkoman seasoning packets helped make the purchase of the eggnogg a little easier to handle!  Dylan looks forward to eggnogg season and we promised to get some this trip but I certainly would have liked it to be a little cheaper. He was so excited that we got some that he was into it before I even got the groceries out of the bags. You’ll notice that it’s not quite full in the picture!

Don’t forget that All You Magazine is running a 2-for-1 subscription special right now.  It is a great time to get a copy for yourself and give a copy as a gift. Find out more here. 

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Here’s what we got…. 

$191.41 worth of groceries for $21.51!

That’s 89% savings!

Publix Savings

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Time for Tommy’s Friday Printable Coupon Roundup!

Tommys Printable Coupon List

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