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Walmart Shopping 11/25/12 – Free dogfood, tape, and more

 Walmart Shopping Trip 11/25/12 – Total was 35¢

Sometimes we get the urge to subject ourselves to some Walmart shopping.  Maybe it’s just some self punishment after some easy shopping at Publix and CVS.  Even Target couponing is a pleasant experience compared to Walmart!  I’m not a big fan of shopping at Walmart (especially with coupons)  but sometimes we get lucky and get a cashier and/or manager that knows how coupons work.  This wasn’t one of those days!

We had planned on getting more dogfood and I was also excited to get some of the Olay bar soap but after ringing up 7 dogfood and 7 coupons, they decided we should only get 4 and they voided off 3 of them.  They also insisted that the Olay coupon was not for the soap despite it being for an ‘Age Defying product” with the only exclusion being trial size.

Olay Evidently the packaging was not clear enough to make this a qualifying Age Defying product. (Sometimes I just wish I could teach a coupon class to the Walmart staff and explain that just because the specific item is not in the picture it doesn’t mean it’s the wrong product.)  Hopefully some of you had better luck on this deal!

Anyway, we left without some of the items we were hoping to get but we left the deals on the list below in case some of you shop at a  Walmart  that tends to be more coupon friendly than ours was today!


Here’s what we got for $0.35 …

Walmart Shopping


This List Has Expired
Walmart Deals 11/25/12


Were you able to get these successfully at your Walmart?  Did you find some other great deals?  Let us know in the comments!