Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 #SavingsCatcher (Video)

Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 #SavingsCatcher (Video)

We shopped savvy using Walmart Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SavingsCatcher

It Works! Check Out Our Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31

What’s the big deal about the Walmart Savings Catcher? We wondered that ourselves so we were thrilled to do a Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 to check it out! Here’s the idea behind the program: Walmart is committed to having the lowest prices. Savings Catcher is their way of ensuring that you always get the lowest price possible. With Savings Catcher, after you shop, you can submit your receipt and Walmart will scan competitors prices to find the lowest advertised prices. No shopping around required!  If your purchase price was more than the lowest price found, you get the difference on a Walmart e-Gift card.  So.. does it really work? 

We had a couple of  great Walmart deals lined up but we really needed to stock up on some cheese and produce. We also added to our shopping list a couple of items that we knew were on sale in other stores to see if the Walmart Savings Catcher would pick up on those sales. It not only found the lowest prices on those “test” items but also paid us for more sales we didn’t realize were going on. In fact, it gave us money for a lower price at a store we didn’t even know we had as an option!

Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 #SavingsCatcher

Of course, we started our  Walmart Savings Catcher shopping trip on 8-31 armed with our coupons as usual but we didn’t spend time gathering sales ads to price match at the register and we certainly weren’t up for going to several different stores to buy at the lowest prices. Although a great idea in theory, trying to find the lowest prices on fruits, veggies, paper products and other household essentials when we need them takes a lot of time and work. Of course we want the lowest prices, we just want the easiest way to do it. We have to say this was pretty darn easy! We let Savings Catcher do the work for us.

Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 #SavingsCatcher

We purchased our items at Walmart using coupons to reduce the price at the register. Once we got home, we submitted for any rebates as we normally would but this time we added a quick step of scanning our receipt into the Walmart Savings Catcher. (You can actually enter the number from your computer or you can access Savings Catcher through the Walmart Mobile App and scan the QR code like we did). You don’t have to fool with taking multiple pictures of your entire receipt!

Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 #SavingsCatcher

Immediately after submitting our receipt, we received an email confirming that it was being processed so we knew we did it correctly. (If it comes back saying the submission was invalid then it was either entered incorrectly or your receipt is older than 7 days and is no longer eligible for submission). Now, all we had to do was wait. Since every item on the receipt was being compared to the sales ads of all the top retailers in the area, it can take up to 72 hours to get the results.


A couple days after we submitted the receipt from our Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31, we were notified of the results through the Walmart Mobile App as well as through email. Great news! The Walmart Savings Catcher was giving us money back for a handful of items found at lower prices in competitors ads! For this shopping trip, we saved another $10.06 by shopping at Walmart and utilizing the Savings Catcher after we got home. The program did not take into account any coupon discounts we received on our receipt. It simply compared the register prices to competitors’ ad prices! Coupons are just icing on the Savings Catcher cake.

We were able to view the details of our receipt, including which items, store, and amounts made up our total credit. It was much more detailed than we had imagined, with the price paid, the competitor price, and the difference it was giving us back. Of course, many of the items we bought at Walmart were already at the lowest available price and we could view those as well. (but why?)


We absolutely loved that we were given back money on some of our produce! The Walmart Savings Catcher also passed the test on some of the items we knew were on sale, such as the cereal we bought. It worked perfectly!

Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 #SavingsCatcher SavingsCatcher_summaryJPG

We now have a Walmart eGift Card that we can use in store or even online. Please note that you cannot earn reward dollars online but you definitely can spend them if you order online from the Walmart website if you choose to. We plan on using ours in store and of course use the Walmart Savings Catcher again. Our Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31 proved to us that this program works with very little effort on our part. We’re glad we checked it out! If you still have questions about the program, check out the FAQ page they have. Let us know about your Savings Catcher experiences in the comments below!

We hope you enjoyed our shopping trip video! Here’s a written breakdown of the items we purchased in this Walmart Savings Catcher Shopping Trip on 8-31


Have you tried Walmart’s Savings Catcher? If so leave us a comment and tell us about it!