Walmart Couponing ~ Cash back on 4/13/13

Walmart Couponing ~ Cash back on 4/13/13

Walmart Couponing went smoothly for the 2nd time in a row – Who knew it could be done?!

Our fantastic Walmart couponing trip was smooth sailing.  Our cashier was extremely pleasant and we used our new system of letting him ring all of one product up and then giving him the coupons for that item before he moved on to the next and this worked so well!  We didn’t have to pull out the coupon policy but we made sure to bring it with us.  At the end of the transaction he was a little confused and was waiting for us to pay when we pointed out that it was negative.  (That was kind of fun. Sealed  hehe )

Walmart couponing

The Dream beverage was an even better deal than we were expecting.  There were a couple products for $1.88 to go with our $2 coupon!

We also ran in to the Walmart vision center and picked up our free lens cleaner and cloth .

Walmart free lens cleaner



So .. Here’s what we bought at Walmart…

$35.68 worth of groceries for a profit of $1.32

That’s almost 104% savings!

Walmart Couponing

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Have you gotten these deals at Walmart yet?

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