Walgreens Double Dip Ideas for 4-19 ~ 4 Possible Double Dips this Week

Walgreens Double Dip Ideas for 4-19

Walgreens Double Dip Ideas for 4-19

Possible Walgreens Double Dip Ideas for 4-19

Here are a few possible Walgreens Double Dip ideas for 4-19. If you are not familiar with what a Double Dip is here’s a brief explanation! Most Walgreens stores activate their new sales prices and Balance Rewards points deals sometime on Saturday (time varies from store to store) for the sale that starts on Sunday. When they activate the new sales prices and points, the current sale prices and points rewards are still in place. When this happens and there are deals in both ads on the same products, we are able to take advantage of a “Double Dip”, getting both sales in one transaction!

Remember not all stores activate their sales at the same time and some may not activate early at all.  If your store does start early, the employees will not understand any questions you have about a “double dip” unless they are avid couponers. Your best bet is to try one deal and see if works and then you know for sure! Worst case scenario is that it does not work and you can simply return what you just purchased for a refund. Also make sure and check out the FULL Walgreens Ad with Coupon Matchups if you are working on your shopping list!


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Thanks to CuckooForCouponDeals for the tips!