Unilever Coupon Booklet ~ Call to Request!

Unilever Coupon Booklet ~ Call to Request!

Unilever Coupon Booklet

Call to Request a Free Unilever Coupon Booklet Now!

If you’ve paid attention to many of the coupons you’ve used, then Unilever is familiar to you! They have a ton of brands that we regularly find great deals for.  I don’t know the specific coupons in the new Unilever coupon booklet but I’m sure there are some good ones!



To order this, you’ll need to call 1-866-204-3942.  The automated message gives great instructions.  You just need to state your name, full mailing address and phone number.  Be sure to spell any difficult names or street names!  It will repeat your entry when you’re done so you can verify it’s correct.

I just ordered mine and it took about 2 minutes tops!  I should be seeing that coupon book in my mail box in about 4 – 6 weeks. The last time I ordered a Unilever coupon booklet (it was actually more of a flyer with a page of 12 great manufacturer coupons) via telephone I received it in less than 4 weeks actually!

I’m certainly not turning down any free coupons but, in the day of all this technology, does anyone find the phone sign up/request a little odd besides me?