The Donation Box for 8-9 2014 ~ Catching Up

The Donation Box for 8-9 2014 ~ Catching Up

The Donation Box for 8-9 ~ Catching Up On Missed Weeks

We finally got through all the items that were spilling out of our dining room in order to get the remainder of donation items organized for the week. The Donation Box for 8-9 is the second box for the co-op this week because we have skipped a few (due to sheer laziness). I made myself get up and get this done first thing this morning so we could get it there in time. Man, do I feel better getting this done. It seems we’ve had so many things on our to do list lately and have been so tired afterward that the donations have suffered a bit. At some point I’ve got to go through my stockpile and thin it out. I noticed it’s getting a bit “hoarderish” lately. (I’m pretty sure I just made up that word.) With all the boys helping to carry some of the shopping trip items to the stockpile room, I lost track of how much was getting put away. I go through all of it once or twice a year anyway and pull items that are within a few months of  the exp date or things that didn’t go over well with my boys. It’s almost that time!

In addition to The Donation Box for 8-9 and 8-6, our feel good donation items for the week are the boxes of Capri Suns we gave away during our CVS trip on 8/3. As we were checking out, the cashier began talking about how her new little Kindergartener loved Capri Suns and they were perfect to put in her lunches but she couldn’t always afford them. Tommy and I looked at each other, nodded in tandum, and handed them to her after we paid. (It’s nice after almost 23 years of marriage we can communicate without speaking a word.) It surprised the heck out of her and she was grateful for the kindness. It was just a couple boxes of Juice pouches, but that’s all it took to make her day and ours.  I encourage everyone to do a little something nice for someone… see if you don’t get just as much out of it as the recipient! I bet you do!

To find local organizations to donate food and personal items, search Feeding America or Food Pantries. You can also inquire at local churches. They can usually suggest a local organization or they may have a food pantry of their own.

Here’s what was in The Donation Box for 8-9

22 Vitamins
9 Friskies cat treats
4 Colgate Toothpaste
1 Ivory Bar soap 3pk
1 Dial Bar Soap 6pk
1 Dial Body wash
1 Accu Chek Blood Glucose Monitor
12 Right Guard Deodorant
1 Cocoa Butter Lotion
4 Lipton Family Tea Bags 24ct
1 Publix Bran Flakes Cereal
7 Franks Hot Sauce
2 French’s Brown Mustard
6 Toothbrushes
1 Kenisiology Tape
1 Viramax

If you’re new and/or not familiar with what The Donation Box is, this is a box we keep in a corner of our house that we add items to all week for a Saturday morning delivery to the local   Co-op Ministries  . Since we’ve been couponing, we have grown a nice stockpile of items so now we try to put some aside and do our small part to help others. (You can view our other delivery posts  here).  Other than a little extra time, there is no reason for us to pass up a free or ridiculously cheap deal… we know someone needs those items! Our boxes usually include a combo of things we purchased the current week and items from our stockpile that we have overstocked. We hope we inspire others to do the same!
Whether it’s a donation of $$, time, or items.. it all matters to someone!

Do you do something similar? We’d love to read about it in the comments section!