The Donation Box for 7-27 ~ Back to School Supplies

The Donation Box for 7-27 ~ Back to School Supplies

The Donation Box


The Donation Box for 7-27 ~ Preparing for the new school year

The donation box for 7-27 was actually a delivery we physically made on 7/25 before we left for vacation. We wanted to stay on our Saturday donation box schedule for the post for those of you that look for it.  We thought about waiting until we returned but since this was a box packed full of back to school supplies we felt it was important to get it to the co-op as soon as possible.  Most likely we’ll have some to add in some future donations but the majority of it is there and ready to hand out to the kids that are already preparing for the new school year.

Most of this was purchased by taking advantage of the office supply store sales and doorbuster prices. (see our shopping trips here)  We did pay more for this donation box than most but we’re still talking really cheap compared to retail prices and these are things that almost all the families need help with this time of year!  We were able to stuff the donation box plus we kept what we needed for our own kids!


Here’s what was in The Donation Box for this week..

the donation box for 7-27

15 Spriral Notebook (1 subject)
10 Notebook Filler paper (100sht)
8 Index Cards 3×5 (100 ct)
8 Pocket Folders
8 Crayons 24pk
6 Colored Markers 10pack
6 Glue Sticks (4pks)
1 Jumbo Glue Stick (2pk)
5 School Glue/2 glue stick combo pack
8 School Glue bottles
12 Fiskar Scissors 5″
6 Protractor 6″
3 Metal compass
4 Erasers – pencil top 15pks
4 Pink Erasers 2pk
2 Pencil Sharpeners
3 Flexible Rulers
6 Pencils #2 (8ct)
2 Colored Pencils pk
5 Pencils – mechanical 5ct
15 Ballpoint Pens (10packs)
5 Gel Pens (8packs)
2 Backpacks


The Donation Box
If you’re new and/or not familiar with what The Donation Box is, this is a box we keep in a corner of our house that we add items to all week for a Saturday morning delivery to the local   Co-op Ministries  . Since we’ve been couponing, we have grown a nice stockpile of items so now we try to put some aside and do our small part to help others. (You can view our other delivery posts  here  ).  Other than a little extra time, there is no reason for us to pass up a free or ridiculously cheap deal… we know someone needs those items! Our boxes usually include a combination of things we purchased the current week and items from our stockpile that we have overstocked. We hope we inspire others to do the same!
Whether it’s a donation of money, time, or items.. it all matters to someone!

Do you do something similar? We’d love to read about it in the comments section!