The Donation Box for 10-4 2014 | Yes, I've been slacking...

The Donation Box for 10-4 2014 | Yes, I’ve been slacking…

The Donation Box for 10-4

The Donation Box for 10-4

Finally, I got my lazy butt in gear and put together the donation box for 10-4. We haven’t made a trip to the co-op in a few weeks. I’ve really be slacking with my organization lately. It’s been a rough year health wise and it has left me a little bleh. (If that’s not a word, it should be.)  I’ve felt a little whiney about my upcoming surgery… having a 3rd surgery this year was not on my “to do” list. I don’t get sick often, but when I do I apparently do it big. There is a bright side of this third surgery being in the same year… we’ve already met our deductable so we’re saving money! woohoo!! Save where ya can, right? So someone is looking out for me! hehe

Anyway, I managed to end my little pity party long enough to do something good for others and I put together the donation box for 10-4 which my wonderful hubby delivered. It’s amazing how much it affects your attitude by just doing a little something to help someone else. It’s a wonderful therapy!

To find local organizations to donate food and personal items, search Feeding America or Food Pantries. You can also inquire at local churches. They can usually suggest a local organization or they may have a food pantry of their own.

Here’s what was in The Donation Box for 10-4

The Donation Box for 10-4

5  Matlaw’s stuffed Clams / Scallops
4  Fruttare frozen Fruit bars
3  Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars
6  Larabar Fruit n Nut Bars
2  Crest Sensi Relief Toothpaste
1  Nuk Pacifier 2pk
5  Hormel Compleats
2  Bob’s Gluten Free Rice Flour
2  Progresso Soup
2  Duncan Hines Frosting
10 Frosting Creations flavor packs
5  Jello Strawberry Gelatin Mix
1  Mahatma Rice
1  Alka Seltzer
2  GoPicnic Ready to eat breakfasts
5  Jolly Time microwave Popcorn
3  Snackwell Snacks 5ct boxes
2  Dove Shampoo/conditioner
4  Dial Body Wash
4  Glade Scented Oil Warmers
1  Goodnites underpants
1  Underpad Waterproof Bed Liners

The Donation Box
If you’re not familiar with what The Donation Box is, this is a box we keep in a corner of our house that we add items to for a Saturday morning delivery to the local   Co-op Ministries  . Since we’ve been couponing, we have grown a nice stockpile of items so now we try to put some aside and do our small part to help others. (You can view our other delivery posts  here).  Other than a little extra time, there is no reason for us to pass up a free or ridiculously cheap deal… we know someone needs those items! Our boxes usually include a combination of things we purchased the current week and items from our stockpile that we have overstocked. We hope we inspire others to do the same!
Whether it’s a donation of money, time, or items.. it all matters to someone!

Do you do something similar? We’d love to read about it in the comments section!