The Donation Box 9/1/12 | The Couponing Couple

The Donation Box 9/1/12

The Donation Box to the Cooperative Ministries for this week was certainly a hodge podge of items!


I prepared our Donation box and Dylan had his weekly donation item ready and we were all ready to make our delivery.  I just happened to log on to their site and found that there’s no one there today for the holiday weekend.  Sad

I’m glad we checked before driving all the way there!  I guess this one is packed up and ready but will actually be delivered along with next weeks box!


If you’re new and/or not familiar with what our Donation box is, this is a box we keep  in a corner of our house  that we add items to all week for a Saturday morning delivery to the local  Co-op Ministries.  Since we’ve been couponing we’ve grown a nice stockpile of items  so now we try to put some aside and do our small part to help others.  If we have 15 tubes of toothpaste already, there is still no excuse to pass up a free or ridiculously cheap deal… someone needs them! Our boxes usually include a combination of things we purchased the current week and those items we realize we have too much of!    

 If you do something similar please share it in the comments. We’d like to hear about it! 


So here’s what we packed up for this week’s box…

Donation Box 9/1/12



Stayfree pads 7
Kiss my face bar soap 8
Panko bread crumbs 2
salad dressing 3
ketchup 2
mustard 2
colored pencil 24ct 2
highlighter 3pk 6
eraser cap 12 ct pkg 4
gillete custom plus razor 2
Venus embrace razor 1
Bugles chips 1
Texas toast croutons 3