Tech Timeout ~ 1 Hour Family Time

Tech Timeout ~ 1 Hour Family Time

We Need a Tech Timeout. Do you?

I saw this and immediately thought of my family so I thought I’d do a quick share. I believe I’m not alone in identifying with this! I liked their Tech Timeout page and added my name to the Tech Timeout pledge wall to take a timeout for at least an hour per day  I’ll have to come up with a speech to deliver to the rest of  the techno-addicts in my family to “break the news” gently! I’m making them pledge too! 

If it’s electronic, my family does it.  Like many today, our whole family is glued to a computer or laptop, Xbox, television or smartphone doing our own thing most of the time.  Even during chore time my boys have those darn earbuds in with the ipod blaring and they couldn’t hear you yell “fire” so don’t bother asking them about their day! How many of you have experienced those mindless “uh huh’s” when you’re asking a question while they’re reading Facebook on their phones? I may even be guilty of dishing out a few of those. 


I think many of you can identify with this.  The whole electronic age has put a dent in family time as well as good old fashion relaxation. I challenge you to join me in taking the Tech Timeout pledge.  I think this is a fabulous idea!! Spend an hour playing a game, training the dogs, baking, reading a book, or riding a bike. Instead of checking your Facebook before bed, spend time cuddling with your wife/husband. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you are spending quality time unplugged! Put your foot down at meal time too… leave the phones off! I know.. all this is easier said than done.

Do you have a tech-addict story or any favorite tech timeout (unplugged) activities you want to share with us? Just do it! We’d love to read about them!