Target Shopping 8/19 - paid $1.67 - FREEBIES

Target Shopping 8/19 – paid $1.67 – FREEBIES

We picked up some great items to add to the donation box this week, after I hide the Hershey’s chocolate of course! Our trips to Target are usually pretty small since large couponing  trips there have not gone smoothly for us in the past.  This one went perfectly, with the exception of not finding the Mead 4 pocket portfolios or the Up&Up eye drops which both would have been free. We also realized while typing this up that the Free items were actually moneymakers!  Targets computers usually adjust the coupon down to match the price of the item but we received credit for the full amounts of the coupons this time.


We paid $1.67 for $34.25 worth of items…and have enough chocolate now to cover several “bad days”! (c’mon… you know chocolate makes you feel better too!)