Target Couponing Trip 5-26 -2014 ~ Under $2 for Everything!

Target Couponing Trip 5-26 -2014 ~ Under $2 for Everything!

Target Couponing Trip 5-26

We saved 96% on pizza, toothpaste and more in our Target couponing trip 5-26

Of course we had to do this Target couponing trip 5-26 because we couldn’t pass up the awesome sale on pizza! We figured if we were making a trip anyway, we’d throw in a couple other great deals too. It worked out rather well, wouldn’t you say? I do want to mention that some of you may not get to use coupons on all the pizza items. Also some Target stores may adjust the coupon for Airborne down. These two scenarios will vary by store. The Target coupon policy states that the coupon MAY be adjusted down so not only could that vary by store but it could also vary daily at the same store. The coupon policy does NOT address the scenario of using coupons on a bogo sale so again, this is going to be treated differently at each store. The pizza is still a great deal even if you can’t use a coupon on the second item!

Here is the breakdown of our Target couponing trip 5-26

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Target Shopping List 5-26-2014

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