Publix Shopping Trip ~ Our Publix Couponing Scenarios

Publix Shopping Trip

Here You’ll See Every Publix Shopping Trip We’ve Posted!

We like sharing the Publix deals and couponing ideas with y’all but we love sharing a Publix Shopping Trip now and then. Scroll through each of our Publix couponing trips below and click the “read more” to see the breakdowns with the retail and savings details all spelled out. This Publix Shopping Trip section is by far the largest of the stores since it is our favorite place to shop, but we do occasionally do a trip or two at other stores. Feel free to peek at all of our shopping trips or just browse the Publix savings on this page. We Love Saving with Coupons!

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Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019, Everything for $82 (Retail $247) (Breakdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019 Here’s our Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019! We ended up saving about 67% on $247 worth of groceries. It definitely wasn’t our highest savings percentage this week, but we’re super happy with the savings considering that we stocked up on all that coffee! Retail price of the items would have been $246.93,… Read more

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-5-2019 Last Minute Trip for $26 (Breakdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-5-2019Saved 78% Here’s our Publix shopping trip on 3-5-2019! We ended up saving about 78% on $119 worth of groceries. Retail price of the items would have been $119.21, but after sales, coupons, and rebates our cost was just $25.98. That’s great for all the cereal, dog food, cheese, oil, and salad dressing. That’s… Read more

Publix Shopping Trip on 2-25-2019, Saved on TP, Pasta, Meds, Dogfood + (breakdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 2-25-2019 Here’s our Publix shopping trip on 2-25-2019! We ended up saving about 72% on $117 worth of groceries. That’s great considering the types of items.. veggies, Aleve, bathroom tissue etc.  Anytime you get over 60% on those type of things then you’re rockin it!  Not everyday is an extreme couponing moment! Sooooo.. the Retail… Read more