The Donation Box for 4-25-15

The Donation Box for 4-25-15 The donation box for 4-25-15 consisted of random personal hygiene items we had picked up recently. We also received a sample box of Tena products that we figured someone could use so we threw that in. The make up remover facial wipes were extras in my stockpile that I wanted to thin… Read more

The Donation Box for 2-7-15 | A Few High Demand Items

The Donation Box for 2-7-15 The donation box for 2-7-15 was a little assortment of things including some highly requested items. The pads, toothpaste, and childrens medicine are always on the list of needs so we’re happy to have that in our box this week. Almost everything in this donation was free after coupons. I believe… Read more

The Donation Box for 1-31-15 | The Cookie Box

The Donation Box for 1-31-15 We love cookie mixes (and cookies) around this house. We have a nice stash of these in our pantry so we decided to make the donation box for 1-31-15 a cookie box. This stuff goes on sale quite often and there’s almost always a coupon for baking mixes. Isn’t couponing… Read more