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Storage Dilemma? – Wasted Space meets Shelving

For more storage capacity, look for shelving opportunities in wasted space!

Who can’t use more storage space?  The latest storage issue for me was for my stockpile of laundry detergent and cleaning supplies which I keep in my laundry room.  I had reached storage capacity after some of the super deals lately and had no room left for my extra blankets and other things I like to keep handy but out of the way.  (And… what if there’s another great deal on detergent and I have no place to put it!)

I certainly can’t complain about my laundry room. It’s a nice size and out of the way, but one thing that was bothering me was the large area of wasted space over my washer and dryer.

wasted space wasted space

(If you’re wondering about my wall texture, it’s tissue paper painted to the wall that my mom helped me with.  I love it!  You can learn more about the technique at HGTV )

My super duper hubby knows me so well after 21 years that he read my mind and decided to surprise me and put up shelves! (ok.. so maybe I may have mentioned this out loud a time or six, but I was surprised when he told me  he was going to do it.) We’re partial to the wire shelving for out of the way areas since it’s easy to work with and tends to give the most storage area.  It’s also adjustable so as our needs change then we can adjust the shelves to  accommodate !

Storage Shelves

Tommy even had a little help from our oldest son who looked slightly interested at first. He ran away shortly after the task of cleaning the dust from behind the appliances!

The task that took the longest was measuring and leveling the brackets and making sure that all were securely on studs to hold the weight of what he knew I was going to load onto those shelves!

Storage Shelves - measuring

I just realized that I don’t ever remember seeing that drill before… and it sure looks shiny and NEW! Hmmm… I’m beginning to think this was a good excuse to NEED some new toys!

He then placed all the brackets for each level, using one of my detergents as a guide for the spacing,  and then meticulously measured the length he’d need to cut the shelves…

Shelves for wasted space

…on my carpet.

If this isn’t proof that men are clueless as to what women are thinking, then I don’t know what is!  I guess one reason we have been oddly compatible for over 21 years is that later, when I step on one of those little sharp pieces of wire with my bare feet, I will remember how grateful I am that he put the shelves up in my laundry room! (After a few other thoughts…)

Shelves - wasted space  Shelves in laundry room

After a few small adjustments and trims to each shelf, the project was complete.

Wasted Space Meets Shelving

Tommy squashed the wasted space  in about 2 hours! Then it was time for me to fill up those shelves!

Shelves Full

Wasted Space – Meet Shelving!