Couponing Stockpile Tour ~ A peek into our home.

Couponing Stockpile Tour ~ A peek into our home.

 A Quick Couponing Stockpile Tour ~ Our attempt at being organized

We have had many people express an interest at seeing where we keep all the items that we purchase in all these grocery and drug store trips we make so I’ve put together a quick little couponing stockpile tour to share with everyone to satisfy the curiosity.

A couple of clarifications I want to make before we begin the tour:

First of all we don’t keep everything we purchase in all those couponing trips. We donate much of our purchases in our weekly donation box or we most certainly would have run out of room for our couponing stockpile by now! 

Second, this is an ever changing process for us as we find easier ways to sort or organize based on the changing items in the stockpile.  What it looks like today may not be what it looks like 2 months from now.  I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

Here’s a peek into our home….

The Laundry Room – Home to the couponing stockpile of  cleaning and laundry supplies as well as miscellaneous paper goods.




This is the right side of the laundry room before Tommy put up the last of the shelves and the  clothes hanging bar.



The picture below shows that same space after Tommy put the shelf up which I quickly filled with napkins, kleenex, ziploc bags, paper plates, etc…


On the opposite wall are the shelves above the washer/dryer that Tommy put up several months back to make a home for laundry and cleaning supplies.  This room also houses a spare freezer (not pictured).

Couponing Stockpile

The Walk-in Pantry – Home to the couponing stockpile of dry goods such as cereal, pasta, spices, granola bars, chips, drink mixes, etc…

Couponing Stockpile Couponing Stockpile

I recently reorganized the walk in Pantry which contains my stockpile of dry goods and seasonings and basically anything else I feel doesn’t belong downstairs.  I just went through this the other day and although not completely perfect, I did thin it out quite a bit and added a lot to the donation box.


You can see a glimpse of my shoe organizer turned spice rack on the far left.  I love that thing!

The Storage Room – Home to our couponing stockpile of TP, paper towels canned goods, personal and first aid items, drinks, and other well sealed items.

Couponing Stockpile

This room has a long way to go.  I plan on having Tommy put up a sheet of peg board for those items that don’t shelf well and I need to create an area for school and office supplies, but in general it serves it’s purpose well. The big shelves are just heavy duty plastic garage shelves from Home Depot, and the drawers and bins are the cheapy ones you just get at Target.  We can’t put too much in the bins because of the weight so I’m really looking forward to the peg board.

We call this room our “store”.  Any time we’re out of something upstairs we have to make a quick trip to the store… and most likely it’s in stock! It’s so nice to have a couponing stockpile!
Couponing Stockpile

Couponing Stockpile

These shelves and drawers work well for personal items. The book shelf is actually an old cheap Dr. Seuss book shelf that I got many years ago as part of my son’s book club.  I was going to throw this out but  found a perfect use for it to shelve some of our stockpile! Couponing Stockpile

These are just wooden boards on shelving brackets that hang on the wall. It’s a great place for shampoo, mouthwash, shaving gel and other containers of personal items. I have no excuse for bad breath or unshaven legs! There is a large supply of those types of things in our couponing stockpile, mostly from the drug store trips.

Couponing Stockpile

Last but definitely not least is my can organizer.  This is a Shelf Reliance Harvest Food Rotation System and I love it!  This was definitely the largest expense in keeping my couponing stockpile organized but I have no regrets.  Before this, putting away the cans and trying to slide everything forward to rotate my stock of stacked cans was a nightmare. I tried making my own rotation system out of boxes but I spent more time trying to fix them.  I hated putting away cans so much that I would leave them in bags until I couldn’t stand it any more and then it was a huge project to put them away.  Now, not so much. If I don’t put them away now , I’m just being extremely lazy.  Eh.. it still happens, just not often!

There ya have it! A down and dirty tour of our couponing stockpile. We’re super lucky to have the space to do this, but if we didn’t we’d come up with some creative ways to store it. Obviously we’d have to get rid of the boys toys and clothes to use their closets. Teehee!


We would love to hear how you store your stockpile and any creative ways you’ve found to organize it!