Stealing school supplies at Office Depot!

Stealing school supplies at Office Depot!

Today we took advantage of some of the sweet deals going on at Office Depot!  Even though we don’t need these items, we couldn’t pass up the price for the donation box.  It was a small trip but here’s no minimum purchase amount to get these deals which I   LOVE! <3    The Co-op Ministries is in desperate need of school supplies right now, so every little bit helps! 

Here’s what we picked up at the Depot…

  • 3 pencil pouches  – .01 each (reg $1.99)
  • 3  1inch 3 ring binders – $1.00 each (reg 1.99)
  • 3 spiral one subject notebooks – .01 each (reg .99)
  • 3 clear plastic 12″ rulers – .01 each (reg .99)

As you can probably tell, the limit was 3 of each.  The final total was $3.09 for the lot! Of course I didn’t have to get the binders which would have made it .09 cents but every child needs some sort of binder so I felt we needed to get them.

Keep an eye out for each weeks Office Depot add because they have had some great penny items each week.. and like I said earlier, there’s no minimum amount you have to spend to get the deal price!!