Staycation ~ Enjoy Your City and Save Money

Staycation ~ Enjoy Your City and Save Money

Staycation Ideas For Cities Around the Country!


Yesterday I shared some great staycation ideas for the Atlanta area , but there are hundreds of ideas for those of you in other parts of the country.  Take a browse through the links below to find a city near you and start planning a fabulous vacation without the huge travel and lodging expenses that usually come along with it! Plan a STAYcation!


Many cities also participate in discounted package deals with CityPASS so be sure to check that out! I have listed a few or you can go to the CityPass site and search to see what kind of packages they offer for the attractions in the city nearest you to help you plan a money saving staycation!



Below is a list of other bloggers who have done some great staycation posts for other cities.  If you find the city nearest you, just click on the link and take a look at some of their ideas!

Mid Atlantic




South Atlantic

South Central