Smilebox Free Download

Smilebox Free Download

Create a Father’s Day Tribute with a Smilebox free download

Make Dad smile with a personalized slideshow, collage or personalized greeting card.  You can even add videos and music. You can take advantage of this Smilebox free download and get creative!

Create Father's Day slideshows and collages with Smilebox.

I was originally introduced to Smilebox a while back when I wanted to create a collage for a personalized Facebook cover photo.  Facebook had changed (again) to the new format and I was left with a generic ugly cover photo place holder so I searched for something I could make quickly and easily and I took advantage of a Smilebox free download offer.  I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded Smilebox and created this for my personal Facebook page in no time at all. I created one for Tommy too since it was so easy.

Smilebox free download

I think Dad would love a personalized Father’s Day greeting but I bet you find other uses for it as well.  You can create greeting cards, slideshows, collages and other personalized items. They have some great base designs you can start with and then add your own words and pictures.  I really like it to create personalized photo projects.  The download is free so you can try it out and see what you think without forking out any moo-lah.

Did you try it?  Did you find it as fun and easy to use as I did?

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