Smartphone Picture Geo Tags ~ Did you know?

Smartphone Picture Geo Tags ~ Did you know?

geo_tag_pin  Security Risk? Smartphone Picture Geo Tags Can Be Turned OFF

I ran across this news video today and can honestly say I have never thought about the Smartphone picture geo tags giving that much detail to those who know their way around a computer.  In fact, I haven’t given much thought to geo tags at all until I watched this.

I am a firm believer that much of the time, a fact gets slanted and sensationalized by the media in order to make a good news story for their audience. The broadcast leaves me with questions such as does this pertain to posting to specific social media sites? (I believe much of this is filtered out when posting on such sites) I also find myself thinking about all the other apps we have that track our location that no one is really concerned about.  So I’ll leave you to your opinion of the newscast but I thought it was interesting and worth mentioning.

I don’t feel any need to panic as the media tries to provoke or as I’ve seen in some comments on social media but I admit that I did adjust the settings to turn smartphone picture geo tags off just in case. Even knowing media tactics, when they start talking about the dangers to kids it gets under my skin.

If you want to turn the smartphone picture geo tags off on your phone but you’re not sure how, here’s what I did on my iphone:

Smartphone Picture Geo Tags IMG_1916 IMG_1917
Go to settings and click privacy  Click location services Set to “off” position for camera


What are your thoughts?