Shaws Coupon Matchups 5-31-19 to 6-6-19

Shaws Coupon Matchups 5-31-19 to 6-6-19

Shaws Coupon Matchups x-x-x

Shaws Coupon Matchups 5-31-19 to 6-6-19

Here is the Shaws Coupon Matchups 5-31-19 to 6-6-19. Shaws stores are located in ME, NH, VT, RI and MA.  Find your closest store.

The list below shows each of the sales items and then a list of available coupons. Use the best coupon you have for the deal! Check the boxes in the matchups below on the Shaws Coupon Matchups tab to add deals to your printable shopping list! If you need to brush up on the rules, we’ve posted a tab below that highlights important couponing info.

Shaws Coupon Matchups

Did you know you could also browse the early  Shaws Flyer each week?

Shaws Coupon Matchups 5-31-19 to 6-6-19

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Shaws Couponing Info

You’ll want to make sure you take advantage of the Shaws Gas Rewards and be aware of their My Mixx  digital mf coupons.

Shaws Coupon Policy Highlights

  • One store coupon and One valid manufacturer’s coupon per item (digital or paper) if legally permitted
    • MA: Coupons may not be accepted for non-flavored/white milk.
    • MA: Coupons may not be accepted for cigarette or tobacco products.
    • ME: Coupons may not be accepted for milk.
    • MA, ME, NH, RI & VT: Other legal restrictions may apply.
  • Coupons displayed on mobile devices are not accepted
  • Internet printed coupons for a free product (no purchase necessary) will not be accepted
  • Transactions may not be separated to get around coupon policies
  • Shaws doubles valid paper manufacturer coupons that have a value of up to 99¢. coupons for $1 or more are redeemed at face value only.
  • Coupons that state “do not double” or “free” may not be doubled.
  • No more than FOUR “like” (same UPC) paper coupons will be doubled per customer, per day. Any additional coupon(s) may be accepted at face value (not doubled) based upon product availability.
  • Store Coupons will not double
  • They do not accept competitors coupons or manufacturer coupons with another stores name or logo on the coupon.
  • Any combined discounts may not exceed the value of the transaction.
  • My Mixx Digital Coupons:
    • 1. Take priority over paper manufacturer coupons for same item
    • 2. Will not double
    • 3. Must be electronically ‘clipped’ and added to your account prior to purchase
    • 4. Must be redeemed at time of purchase when your number is entered at the pinpad or entered by the cashier
    • 5. May not be redeemed after expiration
    • 6. Can be redeemed only once
  • Read the Shaws coupon policy in full