Paid $7 for $105 Retail at Publix on 5/21/13

Paid $7 for $105 Retail at Publix on 5/21/13

 Saved With Coupons at Publix … 93% Savings Today!

I found a few coupons that I wanted to use so I made a run to Publix today. I definitely wanted to get some Wishbone Dressing  and take advantage of the great Glade Plugins refill deal I posted about yesterday. Unfortunately the Wishbone manufacture coupon was a Unilever coupon and had a limit of 2. I would have picked up a few more of those moneymakers and stocked my dressing up! I still can’t find the GasX 10 count on the shelves at my store but I may try one more time before Saturday and see if I can catch some.

I also took a cheap opportunity to try something new.  I picked up 3 of the Ore Ida Grillers.   Has anyone had them yet?  Any thoughts?


Here’s what I bought at Publix Today…

$105.69 worth of items for $7.04

That’s over 93% savings!

saved with coupons at Publix