Save Money with Fast Food Condiments ~ Don't Throw Out the Freebies!

Save Money with Fast Food Condiments ~ Don’t Throw Out the Freebies!

Save Money with Fast Food Condiments

Don’t Overlook These Money Saving Freebies! Save Money with Fast Food Condiments!

As I was cleaning up after a rare dinner at home of taco takeout I realized that we had quite a handful of unused taco sauce packets still left in the bag. They must have given us 4 times the amount we needed for our order. This got me thinking about how many condiments packets and other fast food freebies get thrown away with the trash! There are probably others of you out there that have quite a stash of items that you do save but either forget to use (out of site out of mind) or are lacking ideas of how to use them. You can save money with fast food condiments. You just need to use them.. for something! They aren’t helping you by going in the trash or forgotten on top of the fridge!

I’ve shared some possible ways to stay organized in order to remember them for traditional cooking/eating uses. I’ve also included some non traditional uses for some of the common condiments.

Be Organized

The main thing is to be organized. Rescuing the packets from that nights dinner garbage is a start but is not helpful on it’s own. Sure, you felt like you were being frugal at the time but where are you putting them?  In order to save money with fast food condiments and other items, you must USE the freebies you get. In order to use them, you need to know where they are at a time when you need them! If they’re not handy, then they probably will remain in they’re out-of-the-way place until someone does some spring cleaning and throws them away. Congratulations, you only delayed the final garbage resting spot.

Here are a few ideas to keep those freebies handy and in one spot! Most of these fast food condiments are shelf stable, but remember to check the ones from your favorite fast food restaurants. You may need to use a plastic box method or something that works in the fridge for some of the items you get!

~Drawer Method:

If you have a drawer that you can use, this is a pretty simple solution to keeping all the items together. You can further organize the drawer by using containers, little boxes , silverware trays, or some other form of separaters. You may want to also use baggies to further separation in case of a packet leak. As long as this drawer is readily available this might work for you. It defeats the purpose if it’s a drawer in the garage behind the bikes and the old freezer!

Save Money with Fast Food Condiments

~Box Method:

Organizing doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Simply use an empty product box and sort the like items together. You can place this box easily within one of your kitchen cabinets or pantry shelf. The box is portable, so just grab the whole box when you need it! Once the box has seen better days, just replace it with the package of something else you use up! No work and no investment needed! Of course, you can always use tupperware or other types of official containers if you want. Whatever type of box you have, it will all work to help save money with fast food condiments. The goal is to keep them handy and know what you have.

Save Money with Fast Food Condiments

~Hanging shoe rack method:

If you use a shoe rack for your spices like we do, then this may be the perfect solution for you. This obviously isn’t for everyone since you have to have a place to hang it. Since we have a walk in pantry with a door, this shoe rack spice organizer works perfectly for us. The pouches in this are perfect for the condiment packets and plastic utensils.  It’s best if you have clear plastic pouches so you can easily see the items.

Save Money with Fast Food Condiments

Uses for Common Condiments Packets

Besides just grabbing these items when you’re in the kitchen cooking, there are ways to save money with fast food condiments that you may not have thought of. Many of these are non-food type uses and may substitute for some common high priced personal products. Here are some suggestions of ways to use those fast food freebies.

Packed lunches

  • Throw in a wet nap packet from the bbq restaurant for a quick hand cleaning at work or school. You know your kids are not making a quick run to the bathroom to wash their hands before eating, right?
  • Avoid a soggy pre-made sandwich by leaving off the mustard and mayo and use the packets immediately before eating
  • Use up the extra plastic utensils for that on the go meal. No need in buying these or even using the community kitchen at work. Who knows if the last guy to wash the silverware even used soap!


  • Clean tarnish from copper or brass pots: Coat copper/brass pots, let sit for 15 minutes, rinse, and dry
  • Clean silver jewelry: Use a soft brush such as an old toothbrush to coat surface, sit for a few minutes and rinse. 
  • Get the “green” out of chlorine exposed hair – Apply to hair as if it were shampoo and leave in for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse and then shampoo hair normally.


  • Get gum out of hair or carpet
  • Remove stuck rings from fingers
  • Remove stickers, stubborn price tags, and bumper stickers – cover sticker with mayo, allow to sit for 5 minutes, wipe mayo and sticker residue off with a clean cloth
  • Skin Moisturizer – rub on face or other dry skin areas and allow to sit for 15 – 20 minutes, rinse off and pat dry
  • Condition Hair – Rub into dampened hair, allow to sit for 5 minutes and rinse.


  • Deer Repellant – dab mustard near flowers or plants to keep the deer from eating them.
  • Sore throat relief – mix mustard with hot water, lemon juice and a little salt. Allow to sit and cool, then gargle
  • Deodorize Containers – mix mustard and hot water and place in container. Cover and shake. Allow to sit for 10 minutes and wash.

Soy Sauce

  • Use as a salt substitute on meals
  • Use as the base in your favorite vinaigrette salad dressing recipe

Duck Sauce

Other Ideas

  • Cooking with Condiments – message board
  • Give them back to the fast food restaurant – this doesn’t really fit into Save Money with Fast Food Condiments but at least you aren’t throwing them away!
  • Donate them to a shelter – again, not really fitting into the Save Money with Fast Food Condiments theme but this IS a good use for them!

 How do you save money with fast food condiments and other restaurant freebies?