Frontera Settlement Claim Your $ by 11/27 for Purchases from 2011 - 2017

EXPIRED Class Action, Frontera Settlement ~ Submit Your Claim by 11/27, No Receipt Required

Frontera Settlement

Frontera Settlement – Hurry! Claim $ by 11/27/17

There’s currently an Frontera Settlement of which you may be entitled to a portion. If you purchased any of these covered products between 9/1/2011 and 9/11/17 for personal use (not for resale) then you may have money coming. The Frontera and Salpica products covered by the class action Frontera settlement include salsas, marinades, queso, taco sauce, soups, seasonings, Bloody Mary mix, and tortilla chips. You can submit a FRONTERA claim before 11/27/17 to be eligible for the Frontera class action Settlement. (see the actual settlement Notice here)

(Did you see the Aveeno Active Naturals Settlement , another class action lawsuit we posted about? Be sure to keep up with the products you normally buy!)

For this Frontera Settlement, products that may be included on a valid Claim Form: Salpica and Frontera Brand Products that were purchased in the United States any Frontera or Salpica products which contain any of the following terms on the labels: Natural (including All Natural and 100% Natural); Evaporated Cane Juice; Evaporated Cane Sugar; Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar; citric acid; xanthan; xanthan gum; disodium phosphate; dipotassium phosphate; and/or sodium citrate.. Here is a detailed list of included Products. Eligible class members will receive $.50 for each purchase on up to ten items ($5 dollars max) without proof of purchase. You can submit a claim in the Frontera legal Settlement online

You can review the Settlement notice page about the Frontera lawsuit settlement. For additional questions about the Frontera Settlement or claim form, please contact the Settlement Administrator 1-800-481-7947. At the end of your electronic submission, you will be given a case number. Print out the claim and be sure to use your specific case number if you need to communicate with the administrator.

Let us know if you submitted a claim and any feedback on the process. Come back and let us know how long it takes to get your money. Remember this can take quite a while after the submission deadline