Ruffles Potato Chips - Only $2.15/Bag @ Kroger (reg $4.29!)

Ruffles Potato Chips – Only $2.15/Bag @ Kroger (reg $4.29!)

Ruffles Potato Chips

Ruffles Potato Chips – Only $2.15/Bag @ Kroger (reg $4.29!)

It would be a fantastic time to start stocking up for the holiday weekend. Head to Kroger to get bags for Ruffles Potato Chips for only $2.15 each (reg $4.29!) It is a super easy deal. The chips are on sale Buy One, Get One Free! Just buy the bags in multiples of two to get this deal! (see easy to follow details at the bottom of this post.)

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About the product

With crunchy ridges made to stand up to even the thickest dips, Ruffles potato chips bring epic flavor and snack satisfaction to any get-together.

Back in the day Chips Were Flat, and that Was Boring.
So We Made a Chip that Zigged and Zagged and we shared it with the world.
Backyard BBQs Were Never the Same.
Be sure to check out the flavors to choose your favorite!

Ruffles Have Rrridges!®

Because when you have ridges, the Crunches are Crunchier, the Dipping Strength Multiplies, and your chips become Ruffles®

  • Pair these with your next lunch or dinner meal
  • Share the bag with the rest of your family and friends
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher

Here is the deal for Ruffles thru 5/18/21

Buy (2) Ruffles Potato Chips @ $4.29 each (regular price)

  • Buy One, Get One Free Sale (thru 5/18)

Final price: $4.29 ($2.15 each!)

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