Rite Aid - Saved 77% on 10/21/12 | The Couponing Couple

Rite Aid – Saved 77% on 10/21/12

Rite Aid shopping trip – 77% savings this week

We stopped by Rite Aid to make sure we used our UP rewards before they expired.  For the savings percentage calculation I always consider the UPs I earn and not those I use.  My total out of pocket was actually $1.59 after I used $11 UPs that I had already earned and I walked away with $7.00 more UPs and a $1.00 SCRebate for the Luden’s.  I still have $2 UPs from the previous trip so now a total of $9.00 UPs to use in my next trip to Rite Aid!


I don’t know about y’all, but Rite Aid and CVS trips are a little more stressful to me.  I guess it’s the deadline on the rewards. If you don’t use them before the date, it’s like throwing money away.  I would rather use them up before leaving the store, but with Rite Aid you have to wait until the next day before those new rewards are spendable.  DrAt!


Here’s what we bought at Rite Aid this trip. (Note: one bottle of gum did not survive long enough to make the picture!) 

Rite Aid