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Rite-Aid Shopping Trip on 9-15 ~ Shampoo, Conditioner and Cereal

Rite-Aid Shopping Trip on 9-15

 Rite-Aid Shopping Trip on 9-15 ~ Shampoo, Conditioner and Cereal

I had a good 
Rite-Aid Shopping Trip on 9-15! I was not all that excited about this weeks Rite-Aid ad but I did have $14 in +UP’s there were expiring yesterday so I had to come up with something (letting them expire would be like throwing $14 in cash in the trash)! After a little research I came up with the perfect scenario that cost exactly $14 OOP before tax! Perfect I could use all $14 and not have to buy something just to use them up! 

Here is a little bit of info on how I calculate my savings at the Drug stores as this seems to cause major confusion for some! I just told you that I had $14 in +UP’s in my pocket before I went to Rite-Aid! I think of this as cash and you will never see the +UP’s I earned in PRIOR trips calculated in my savings. In fact if you look at the breakdown of the numbers below it will show my total OOP is $14!  To arrive at the $14 you simply take the Retail Price – Store Sale Savings – Manufacturer coupons – Store Coupons (when I say store coupons I DO NOT mean +UP’s, ECB’s, or RR’s). That will give you the amount I paid which was $14. It does not matter whether I paid with Cash, Pennies, or +UP’s that was the amount I paid.

If you notice the section below the Total OOP you will see I subtract out the +UP’s earned in THIS TRIP (and also SavingStar Deposits, Mail-in-Rebates, Value of Points if it were Walgreens, etc). After subtracting these items from the Total OOP then I have what I am truly paying for the items. Remember I said I treat +UP’s (or Register Rewards or ECB’s) like cash. So when they hand me those I consider it just like they are handing me cash thus reducing my cost for that transaction. Now that I have accounted for these in my savings you will never see them mentioned again in another transaction as you can only count them once!

I hope this made sense and makes this confusing topic a little less confusing. If you have any questions please leave a comment and ask it or just leave a comment and let me know if this was helpful.

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Here is a breakdown of our Rite-Aid shopping trip totals:

Rite-Aid Shopping Trip on 9-15

We saved 85% shopping at Rite-Aid this week!

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