Reminder: Don't Forget the Any Brand Rebates! Take advantage of duplicate offers!

Reminder: Don’t Forget the Any Brand Rebates! Take advantage of duplicate offers!

Any Brand Rebates

Any Brand Rebates Add Up!
Check your Grocery Rebate Apps!

You probably already have money due back since there are so many ANY brand rebates right now. These are either fresh produce or other things like the any brand of dressing rebates.. the kind of things most of us have to buy at one time or another. Right now there are a number of these type of rebates on ibotta, Shrink, Savingstar and Checkout 51 but I’ve also seen them on Berry Cart and Shopmium in the past.

These Any Brand Rebates and offers usually work with most stores and are great ways to keep your accounts active and add a little extra savings in your account. These are usually low value rebates but they are so generic that you probably already have recent receipts qualifying for more than one. I always keep an eye out for some overlapping offers in the cash back apps. For instance, this week I was able to get a couple free bananas by submitting my purchase to three different apps!

Below, I’ve listed all the ANY brand rebates I see right now. Although the list below will expire, the idea behind this post does not.Be sure to check them each week to see what new offers pop up. There are always savings I can get on fresh produce or some of the items I’ve gotten on sale with coupons that also qualifies for the Any brand offer.

I’ve separated the ANY brand rebates into categories with the different apps designated with different colors. If you’re not signed up for all of these apps yet, you can do that any time for free. You can read more about the apps in my post here


Let’s hear about your experience with the Any Brand rebates! Do you take advantage of these each week?
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