Quorn Chikn Nuggets, Pieces and Patties MoneyMaker @ Publix exp 3/15

Last Day! Quorn Chikn Nuggets, Pieces and Patties Huge Money Maker @ Publix Thru 3/15

Quorn Chikn Nuggets

Quorn Chik’n Nuggets, Pieces, or Patties Huge Money Maker @ Publix

Quorn Chikn Nuggets, Pieces or Patties Huge Money Maker @ Publix. If you haven’t done these deals yet, you have today before the sale price in the GAF ends at Publix. If they are out of any or all of the types, be sure to get a raincheck! We’ve listed a couple possible moneymaker scenarios below. Best case scenario is to get friends and family members to help you print enough of the  $1/1 printable coupon to use to get the most mileage from this deal along with the rebate offers.

There are 3 different  $2.50/1 Ibotta Rebates  for Quorn items with a limit of 5 each you can redeem. (One for Nuggets, one for pieces, and one for patties) Once you redeem any of one type, the offer will disappear and come back as a $1 offer so best to redeem all 5 of each kind at one time. Since Publix only allows 8 like coupons, the best case scenario if you have enough of the manufacturer coupons is to get all five of one kind per trip so you end up with 3 trips. If you don’t have more than 8 coupons then you can just get all in one transaction and submit all 15 rebates. The rebates are actually small moneymakers with the Publix sale price so even without the manufacture coupon it’s an awesome deal!

.NOTE: to get the manufacturer coupon, go to this link and then click on the small word “coupons” at top of page to see the proper printable coupon link.

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The complete WRITTEN BREAKDOWN for Quorn Chikn Nuggets or pieces or Patties Huge Money Maker @ Publix is BELOW!

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