Publix Trip on 9-4 ~ 89% Saved with sale and coupons

Publix Trip on 9-4 ~ 89% Saved

Publix Trip on 9-4


Last Minute Publix Trip on 9-4 ~ Lots of Freebies, Cheap Chicken, & Alexia!

Our Publix Trip on 9-4 was thrown together at the last minute to use a few more of our coupons that had limits on them (the margarine and mustard) before the sale ended plus we wanted to grab some of the Alexia when we saw the coupon pop up.  We also grabbed some chicken and mayo with one of the Publix Fresh Savings Event coupons! Not a bad haul overall for a quickie!

TIP: For those of you who ask us for advice on putting together shopping lists, this is one of those things I think work out well.  We always do a trip to our favorite store on the first day of the sale so we get what we can with the coupons we have at that time.  As the week progresses, new coupons may pop up making a great deal on some other sale items or  even better coupons to make even better deals or stacking scenarios. We keep adding to an ongoing list through the week for a  later trip taking advantage of these new things, things we missed the first time around, or more of the items that were limited by coupon restrictions.

So here’s a breakdown of our little Publix trip on 9-4