Weekly Brag Blog for 4-3 with LINKUP! We Saved 93% at Publix!

Weekly Brag Blog for 4-3 with LINKUP! We Saved 93% at Publix!

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Here’s how we did… how did you do?

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We didn’t have a huge Publix trip on 4-3 but I’m super excited about stocking up on some desperately needed canned veggies! We love the Sea Cuisines too so when our friend Wilma reminded me of the Publix coupon those were a must for my shopping list!  We ended up with a super 93% savings. For those of you who are able to use the $5 Winn Dixie coupons… I’m jealous… but you can get your totals down even lower!

Since I’m still re-cooperating from 2 surgeries and an infection, this was a big outing for me. With Tommy out of town, my mom was gracious enough to be my chauffeur and shopping buddy. (Thank you Mom!) This was one of the few times I have left the house this year that didn’t involve a doctor or hospital. I’ve had Publix withdrawals so I was happy to get my “fix”. A very special thank you goes out to my wonderful hubby/nurse, to my mom who has spent almost 3 months ‘visiting’ and taking care of the household, and all of you who have sent me get well wishes! Also, the admins in the
Couponing at Publix Facebook Group have been doing an awesome job in my absence. I am very blessed to have all of you!


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Here’s what we got…. 

$131.81 worth of groceries for $8.90!!

That’s 93% savings !

Publix Trip on 4-3


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