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Weekly Friday Brag Blog 7/5 with Link Up

Publix Shopping Trip on 7/5

Here’s how we did… how did you do?

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We had a good Publix shopping trip on 7-4. There was not really all that much that we were interested in this week at Publix. We had an incredible week last week so I guess we can’t complain. We only paid 4¢ for everything we got this week and we were able to get 12 boxes of pasta for “The Donation Box“! The price on the Vlasic Farmers pickles gave us a nice moneymaker with the $3 coupons  plus we found a $5/$40 Publix coupon on a flyer in our paper as we were walking out the door.  Those were enough to bring our total down to pretty much free.  We’re hoping for a better, more exciting week next week.

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Here’s what we got…. 

$69.21 worth of groceries for $0.04!

That’s 100% savings!

Publix Shopping Trip on 7-4


Also in case you missed them here is a list of all the new Printable Coupons that were released over the last week.  If you think you might need any of these you might want to print them now! You never know how long they will be around! Click here or the image below to get the full list of Printable Coupons that I have made into direct links that will clip the coupons for you!

Publix Shopping Trip on 7/5