Publix Shopping Trip on 5-8-2019 , Saved 76%. Here's the breakdown...

Publix Shopping Trip on 5-8-2019, Saved 76% this week! (Breakdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 5-8-2019

Publix Shopping Trip on 5-8-2019 

Here’s our Publix Shopping Trip on 5-8-2019! We ended up saving about 76% on $137 worth of groceries. Retail price of the items would have been $136.66, but after sales, coupons, and rebates our cost was just $33.28. My favorite must do deal this trip was the Palermos Pizza deal! My price was a little higher at $7.19 regularly, but I’m thrilled with a buck a pizza! Between pizzas and Ritz crackers.. my kids are set for junk food for a while.

The full Detailed Breakdown of our Publix Shopping Trip on 5-8-2019 is Below!

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