Publix Shopping Trip on 3-3-2019 Almost FREE, Paid $1

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-3-2019 ~ Small Trip for $1 after Coupons + Rebates (breakdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-3-2019

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-3-2019 ~ Net cost $1

Here’s our Publix Shopping Trip on 3-3-2019! We ended up saving about 99% on $69 worth of groceries. Retail price of the items would have been $68.88, but after sales, coupons, and rebates our cost was just $1.04 My favorite must do deal this trip was obviously the moneymaker Quorn products. We don’t eat them in our house but have someone to give them to. Basically, we bought those to pay for our Pizzas!! If you need some produce or other necessities, this is a good item to subsidize those other items you need.

We were also going to get a pack of Free Bic Flex Razors, but sadly there has been so much misuse related to that $4 coupon that Publix has issued an internal memo from corporate to not take those. Congrats to those of you who got the deal! For those that weren’t able to, you can still get free BIC Soleil, Flex or Hybrid Razors with the rebate offer that I forgot about!

The full Detailed Breakdown of our Publix Shopping Trip on 3-3-2019 is Below!

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