Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019 Coffee+Pizza ++ saved 67% (brkdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019, Everything for $82 (Retail $247) (Breakdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019

Here’s our Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019! We ended up saving about 67% on $247 worth of groceries. It definitely wasn’t our highest savings percentage this week, but we’re super happy with the savings considering that we stocked up on all that coffee! Retail price of the items would have been $246.93, but after sales, coupons, and rebates our cost was just $82.46. We break down the price and coupons used for each item at the bottom of this post.

My favorite must do deal this trip was the FREE Betty Crocker Mug Treats and the Crunchmaster Crackers deal we posted about! (of course, the cannisters of coffee were pretty high on the list since it is a good deal and our coffee shelf in the pantry was completely empty.. hence that big stockup!)

Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019

I haven’t tried the mug treats yet but there are several kinds and they all looked yummy so I’m sure my family will eat it up! The crackers are all mine.. no on else likes them in my house because they look too healthy I believe. It certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings! I love them and I’ll be happy to keep these to myself!! hehe

Oh, by the way, the Palermo’s Pizza is pretty darn good for frozen pizza and at $2.50 each you may want to pick a couple up for those lazy days or if you have the “kid hangout” in the neighborhood!

The full Detailed Breakdown of our Publix Shopping Trip on 3-20-2019 is Below!

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