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Publix Shopping Trip: 99% Savings!

 Publix Shopping Fun for $1.46!

It’s always fun to go Publix Shopping and be able to use the change in our pockets to pay the cashier and still come out with several bags of stuff!  

We are now stocked up on birthday cards for all those last minute birthday parties and we couldn’t pass up the additional moneymakers to reduce the cost of the already great price on laundry detergent.  I had a couple empty spots in my laundry soap stockpile so it was time to buy!Wink

Most of the other items from our Publix shopping trip will probably be going into The Donation Box.  I think we’re going to have a good haul to the Co-op this Saturday since we didn’t make a donation delivery on the holiday weekend.

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 Here’s what we got….

$134.42 worth of Items for $1.46

 That’s a Savings of 98.91%

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