Earn Gift Cards with Publix own Your Rewards All Year!

Publix Own Your Rewards 2017 GC Program! Earn $10/$30 wyb Unilever

Publix Own Your Rewards

Earn Publix Gift Cards All Year!
Sign Up for Publix Own Your Rewards

Sign up for the Publix Own Your Rewards program to earn $10 Publix gift cards all year! (See the list below of the items that qualify toward the gift cards.) Every time you reach $30 in Unilever product purchases, you’ll earn a $10 Publix gift card!  (Limit (14) $10 Publix gift cards for the year per member) After each Publix shopping trip where you have purchased one or more qualifying Unilever personal care products, upload a photo of your receipt. Your account will continue to show a running total and once you reach the $30  then you can request to cash out. This is much like and in addition to the rewards you earn with the Publix Best Meals Happen at Home Rewards Program

Publix Own Your Rewards

The above shows the tracking info section of my account. Obviously, I have not uploaded any receipts to track yet, but each time I submit a receipt it will track and show me how much more is needed to reach the $30 Unilever threshold. Once I qualify I should see that on the right and I should have the opportunity to cash out (request a $10 gift card). Each time you cash out, you should receive the $10 Publix gift card in the mail in approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

Once you create an account for the Publix Own Your Rewards program, be sure to read through the Rewards FAQ section. Below is just my own quick rundown…

Publix Own Your Rewards 2017 GC Program

A qualifying purchase is $30 in participating Unilever Personal care products. The amount next to the items on the receipt will count toward the total. In other words, if something is on BOGO, you will not get credit for two full price items… just one! Sales tax does not count toward the total either!

You can qualify 14 times to receive a $10 gift card this year (that’s 14 Publix $10 gift cards per member within this calendar year)

Your qualifying purchase can be reached in multiple transactions or just one. Multiple unique receipts can be uploaded from one or multiple Publix stores during 2017 for tracking. Once you reach the promotion threshold $30, you will be required to “cash out”, using the card icon, from inside your account to receive your gift card(s). Card(s) will not be automatically sent when the threshold is met.

Make sure and use our MOBILE FRIENDLY Coupon Database to find any coupons that may match the items as you earn your Publix Gift Card Rewards all year!


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