Publix Gas Card Deal ~ What's the BIG Deal?

Publix Gas Card Deal ~ What’s the BIG Deal?

Publix Gas Card Deal

Here’s the Scoop on the Publix Gas Card Deal

Every so often, there is a Publix gas card deal that results in questions pouring in on Facebook and in emails. We decided to address this and give everyone the 411 on this deal at one time.

What is the Publix gas card deal you ask? Usually this is in the form of a Publix in-ad coupon for $10 off the purchase of a $50 gas card. (find it in the Publix weekly ad flyer or sometimes as an additional tear pad in the store.) The stipulation is that you can only get this deal if you purchase $50 in other items. If your transaction (without the gas card) rings up at $50+ before you hand over any coupons then you qualify to purchase the $50 gas card for only $40 with the Publix coupon and there’s no activation fee. (to clarify, the bogo sale is not going to count the full price of both the items toward your $50 purchase because the full price is not part of your register total, only the sale prices are!) 

You do have a choice of cards. You have the option of buying any of those gas cards that your Publix carries. Usually they do carry a nice assortment from companies in the area of that store. Pick the one you want from the stand with all the gift cards and carry it to the register when you check out. It’s best to hold off on having them ring it up until they have finished totaling your purchase in order to avoid any question that your amount qualified.

Per their online FAQ’s, Publix DOES allow the gas card coupon in addition to using another dollars-off-total-order coupon, however, the combined purchase requirements on both coupons must be met. For example, if you have a Publix coupon for $10 off a $50 gas card with the purchase of $50 in groceries AND a $5 off a $30 purchase Publix or competitor coupon, then you must purchase $80 or more in items (before coupons) to be eligible to use both coupons. (Yes, that’s before the $50 gas card is added on as well!)

A common question we get is whether you can purchase personal care items or cleaning items toward that $50 required purchase. The answer is absolutely! It does not have to be all food purchases that make up that $50. There are some exclusions though. The $50 purchase requirement excludes all phone and gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, lottery items, money services, postage stamps, and prescriptions. Everything else qualifies. You also must have the original coupon (no copies or multiple uses for one coupon) for each deal. The Gas Card must also be purchased in that same visit.

Publix Gas Card Deal

Pros & Cons of the Publix Gas Card Deal

Publix Gas Card Deal

Why is the Publix Gas Card Deal so popular? The bottom line is that for most of us it’s just FREE MONEY. We have to buy gas for our cars. We’re going to buy it sometime soon whether it’s right now or in a few days. Provided that we will get gas at a station for which we can purchase a card, then we’re just going to pay for the fill up with the card instead of cash from our wallet. Consider it an even swap, cash for credit of $50. Since the $50 card only cost us $40, we can consider the $10 credit as a reduction of our grocery bill. We’re going to spend $50 at the gas station regardless of whether we pay cash or use the card. Might as well swap it ahead of time for the $10 credit, right?

Publix Gas Card Deal

When is the Publix gas card deal a bad idea?

  • You still need to come up with with a $50 grocery purchase. If you only have a few items on your list, it may not be beneficial to simply add to your cart to get to that threshold. The idea is that you were going to buy $50 of groceries (before coupons) anyway. If you’re significantly under that, then it’s not necessarily such a great deal if you’ve added another $30 to your cart! (Unless you have coupons on those items that make them free or close to it!)
  • It’s not such a good deal if you normally buy gas based on a rewards program for a significantly discounted amount.Chances are you won’t be buying a gas card for that station. If, by straying from your loyalty discount and driving to a possibly farther station, you do not save a significant portion of that $10, then it may be best to pass on this deal.
  • If you don’t actually use the card, it’s not a good deal. If you’re notorious for losing, misplacing, or forgetting gift cards then obviously this will not be beneficial. You’re better off passing on the Publix gas card deal!

Only YOU can decide if the Publix gas card deal is beneficial for you. I hope we’ve helped you make that decision. For this Couponing Couple it definitely is FREE money! The Publix gas card deal is something we take advantage of almost every time it is offered. If we create our shopping list and we’re only a few dollars short, we will ad one more of something or another sale item (with coupons of course). The gas card we buy is for a station close to home, where we would usually stop anyway.

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