Couponing Changes - Publix Ending Double Coupons for Most

Publix Ending Double Coupons and Penny Item ~ Merry Christmas!

Publix Ending Double Coupons

Publix Ending Double Coupons and Penny Item

We knew these Publix Couponing changes on doubled coupons and the penny item were coming eventually. The month of December brings some Publix couponers a ‘gift’ they’d rather not receive. The recent headline ” Publix Ending Double Coupons ” has reclassified from rumor to fact.. at least for most couponers. In addition to Publix ending double coupons, they will also eliminate their weekly Penny Item promotion. Those of you in Florida and the Carolina’s won’t find couponing much different but most couponers in the other states will be in mourning. RIP double coupon perks. You will be missed! My guess is that, even with the fabulous service that Publix is known for, other stores such as Kroger who took a hit in areas that stopped coupon doubling will start seeing some returning customers. Despite my sarcasm in the title however, I don’t think it’s going to have as big an effect as some may think. The Publix coupon friendly atmosphere may be enough to stop a mass exodus.

Publix Ending Double Coupons – Details

As of 12/22, Publix couponers will find a big disappointing holiday surprise in the Atlanta Area (includes all Georgia, most Alabama and many TN stores). Like their fellow couponers in Florida, almost all stores will be discontinuing the policy of doubling manufacturer coupons of $0.50 or less. Publix has very little competition from double coupon stores, especially since Kroger eliminated almost all double coupons. It appears that Publix will continue doubling coupons in the same few areas where Kroger still doubles, Extreme North Alabama, Eastern and Central Tennessee. You can bet that both stores will eliminate doubling at those remaining stores at some point in the next phase of coupon changes. For now, a small group of you will see no change in your store’s double coupon policy, but the majority of couponers will soon learn how the Florida couponers have managed for years.

I do want to mention that with this Publix couponing change of discontinuing double coupons, there is no mention of changing to a “true BOGO” format like Floridians. Those that have not been required to buy 2 items to get the BOGO deal (considered “half price bogo”) will continue to see their bogo items ring up as half price.

Publix Ending Double CouponsPublix Penny Item Ends – Details

Another change that Publix is expected to implement by mid December (12/16/16)  is the elimination of the Penny Item. The Publix penny item promotion was implemented in many stores to promote the Publix brand of items by offering it for a penny one day per week with a minimum purchase. This is another perk that was not offered in all stores, but those stores that did offer a Publix item for free (basically) will undoubtedly disappoint some loyal couponers.

We’ve seen a trend toward stricter couponing rules in recent years. I don’t believe this particular change is due to increased couponers or  couponing zealots taking advantage. Have those things affected couponing? Yes, of course they have. This change, however, seems to be simply a response to no longer needing to compete with other grocery stores coupon policies for doubling coupons. Publix still has one of the most coupon friendly policies with the ability to use a coupon on each item in their BOGO deals plus their policy of accepting competitor coupons.

Please double check with your store if you are not sure if this applies to you. I’m not sure where the specific dividing line is in TN for Publix ending double coupons, but I do know that for the time being there will still be a small selection of Publix stores that will still double. We will start phasing out the “double coupon” part of our Publix deals, but be sure to check with your store to verify if your store is a Publix that will continue to double coupons.

Your Opinion of Publix Ending Double Coupons and Penny Item?

Let’s hear what you have to say. Will Publix lose your business or are there other Publix qualities keeping you loyal to the chain? Will you simply spread your business among other retailers? Where? Kroger? Winn Dixie? Aldi? Somewhere else? Tell us what you’re thinking (within reason) in the comments at the bottom of this page! We’d love to hear comments from Publix reps too!

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