Publix Couponing Trip on 1-24-15 | Under $20

Publix Couponing Trip on 1-24-15 | Under $20

Publix Couponing Trip on 1-24-15

Saved Over 90% After Coupons and Rebate in this Publix Couponing Trip on 1-24-15

Tommy made a quick Publix Couponing Trip on 1-24-15 to pick up some things we needed and some other great deals. You can always tell when he has put together a trip when there are either Doritos or Gummy Bears involved. Little did I know we would end up with a large stash of Doritos when he got home. (I might have to help get rid of them.. hehe) I can’t complain too much since he did qualify for the PepsiCo rebate so net cost ends up being just over $1 per bag. He also qualified for 3 of the Gas Card Deals which is another $30 off our groceries. Not too shabby for a guy, eh? He even remembered to get eggs and milk for my bread pudding with vanilla sauce and the cheese needed for the stuffed baked potatoes I requested for dinner one night this week!

I love that my hubby jumped right in to make this trip. I’ve had the worst headache and putting together a list just wasn’t looking very promising today so he did it. Not only did he do this one, he also did a great Walgreen’s Shopping trip today too. I’m going to reward him by staying out of the kitchen while he cooks dinner (*grin*). Believe me, he’d prefer me to stay out of that room! I’m lucky he loves to cook… in fact for a while early in our marriage he was the executive chef at Stillwaters Resort. That works out quite well in our partnership… he loves to cook and I love to eat it.

Anyway, maybe I should move on to what you actually came here for. Here’s the breakdown of our Publix Couponing Trip on 1-24-15 showing each item, the coupons and other savings, and a final cost.

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