Profitable Walmart Shopping on 8-11 ~ Saved 106%

Profitable Walmart Shopping on 8-11 ~ Saved 106%

Profitable Walmart Shopping on 8-11
Better Than FREE! Profitable Walmart Shopping on 8-11

Oh how I
hate dislike very much going to Walmart but it’s times like our profitable Walmart shopping on 8-11 that make it bearable! It really took all our energy to look at the disastrous shelves and hunt for the item that was no where near the tag.  We also forgot it was a big school supply shopping day here so trying to get through the isles was very tiring.  At times we just ditched the cart so we could squeeze our way between the crowds of people and the items that had fallen on the floor.  Don’t you think there should be traffic rules in stores just like on the road? Travel on the right of the lane … keep it moving… pass on the left when it’s clear… and for Pete’s sake, pull over to one side if you’re going to stop!


And let me ad.. if you drop it on the floor, pick it up. I started picking items off the floor just to get through the isles and I believe I’m due a paycheck! lol  Needless to say we’ll always go back to get some great deals but we do take long breaks between visits.

So.. ANYWHOooo… what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the topic is our profitable Walmart trip on 8-11! Despite the obvious frustration during this shopping trip, we’re super happy with the outcome!  We didn’t try for a cash back scenario but we were unable to find some of the items so we threw in the soap deal to wash away some of the profit. Wink 

Here’s what we bought at Walmart.. er.. I mean what they paid us to buy I guess!